Lack of MATERIAL | Lack of SKILLS
All children deserve a quality 21st century education, regardless of where they might live, their gender or socioeconomic status. As the ongoing digital revolution transforms the entire Southeast Asian region, schools and curricula need to adapt. This process has to start with teachers because they are essentially important for guaranteeing education quality as SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) 4 correctly emphasises. However, a recent UNESCO study found that across our countries of operation - Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines - persistently low teacher quality, insufficient ICT skills and a lack of access to ICT infrastructure, seriously threaten the achievement of SDG 4. 

NomadLab tackles all these issues simultaneously by providing low-cost ICT infrastructure and improving teacher quality, while at the same time enhancing the educational performance of children and youth.
Communication Team,
14 Jun 2018, 19:20