NomadLab is a modular, open source, inclusive, easy-to-build solution consisting of four main components: 
  1. Internet: based on an offline/online server installed with free copies of open source websites for download and use with/without internet; open access to content with an internet experience 
  2. Hardware: all-in-one computers, Raspberry Pi-based, projector
  3. Train the Trainers: self-paced program based on PN’s current train the trainer program - PN Nomad trainers will join local communities to set up the lab and train the future local experts/trainers. This capacity building program should be run between 1-3 months. Every 6 months, the team will assess the NomadLab use and implement upgrades where necessary 
  4. Teaching for Learning 2.0: PN provides guidelines, based on PN’s current programs, to help teachers handle materials and content, while improving the learning experience of the students 
Sustainable Development and Green IT Mindset: mobile solar panel and power station; electricity produced and stocked during the day will be used to charge the box-set during the night. During the day, devices are supplied by the solar power station.

Communication Team,
14 Jun 2018, 19:20